When you want to move temperature-controlled goods, you need a reliable logistics partner who can provide seamless cold chain transportation from source to destination. Whether you are transporting fresh produce, chilled food products, frozen meats or pharmaceuticals, our solutions can be customized to provide the exact level of services that you require. .

Kold Karrier has a fleet of modern refrigerated trucks of varying sizes equipped with GPS monitoring. The company employs modern fleet management system with track and traceability, giving clients the controls and online information about the exact position and temperature of the cargo.

We know that the slightest deviation in temperature may end up being a costly affair, therefore we make sure that the cold chain remains unbroken and that your perishable, chilled and frozen cargo stays as per your requirement from pick-up until delivery. We operate a reefer terminal approved for storage of fresh, chilled and frozen products. By means of modern technology, we handle, sort and provide door-to-door deliveries of refrigerated products.
Our fleet consists of more than 60 trucks of various sizes:

Truck Sizes

  • 40 feet trucks
  • 20 feet trucks
  • 16 feet trucks
  • 12 feet trucks
  • Cooling Technology

  • Eutectic Plate Type
  • Blower Type